Friday, July 23, 2010

Eye Doctor = GLASSES

I had to take both the girls yesterday to the eye doctor. For eye exams. This was a first for Alyssa but she did very well. Chastity makes it look so easy, she's became a pro at it.
Chastity's eyes have gotten better and will need to have her lenses change it 6 months.
Alyssa will be getting Glasses.... yup that's right both girls will now be wearing glasses. Will go back in about a week and they will be ready. She isn't too happy about having glasses but I think once she wears them for awhile she'll see that they help. She also is farsighted and has a lot of astigmatism. Which is something new for us. Chastity is just very very farsighted. If Alyssa didn't have so much astigmatism then she wouldn't even need glasses.
I love going to Dr. Boiling they are so patient with the girls and always take their time with them. We've been going there ever since Chastity was 9 months. And everyone gets such a kick out of the girls.
They both had to get their eyes delighted also, so they were way excited about the fun glasses they got before we left. And there were no tears when it came to getting the drops put in either.

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