Friday, July 23, 2010

Eye Doctor = GLASSES

I had to take both the girls yesterday to the eye doctor. For eye exams. This was a first for Alyssa but she did very well. Chastity makes it look so easy, she's became a pro at it.
Chastity's eyes have gotten better and will need to have her lenses change it 6 months.
Alyssa will be getting Glasses.... yup that's right both girls will now be wearing glasses. Will go back in about a week and they will be ready. She isn't too happy about having glasses but I think once she wears them for awhile she'll see that they help. She also is farsighted and has a lot of astigmatism. Which is something new for us. Chastity is just very very farsighted. If Alyssa didn't have so much astigmatism then she wouldn't even need glasses.
I love going to Dr. Boiling they are so patient with the girls and always take their time with them. We've been going there ever since Chastity was 9 months. And everyone gets such a kick out of the girls.
They both had to get their eyes delighted also, so they were way excited about the fun glasses they got before we left. And there were no tears when it came to getting the drops put in either.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost a Tooth

Alyssa lost her first TOOTH. She was and still is so excited about it. You can already see her Big GIRL tooth coming through. The tooth fairy left her a quarter and she says she's never gonna spend it. This girl is already a little pack rat so I'm pretty for sure she wont ever spend it, she saves everything.
She also has another tooth that is louse, it's also on the bottom right next too the one she just lost. I'm guessing it will be gone before school starts.
Which is crazy cause it's just less then a month away. Which is crazy, Chastity doesn't start until after Labor day.
These next few weeks we have a lot going on so I know that it's going to go fast, faster then we all want it too. But I do Love Fall.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 2

On July 7th we went to the Columbus Zoo and it was a blast!!!! There was so much to see and to do there. They also have a very large water park. Which you can go to both or either or but we decided the girls were a little young for that. Plus the pool at the hotel was perfect for them. A place that we will go once there older though.

There were a lot of baby animals at the zoo.

Baby Gorilla
Baby Otters
Baby Lions
Baby Elephant
And Twin Sister Polar Bears

Which was really neat. They have an underground tunnel so you can see them swimming around.

I added a few of the fave pics, but I also added a slide show so you can check out some other ones from the zoo and through this summer so far.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ohio Trip Part 1

Ever year we pick a zoo to go to with the girls when Chad is on vacation. This year was Columbus Ohio. I always get on the internet and find a hotel/zoo package. That's where the best deal is. We also like to let the girls decided how we spend the two days.
So the first day we deiced to go to the hotel and check in first and check out our suite. With these deals you always get the suites with a full kitchen, etc. Then we hit up the pool and swam for a couple of hours. It was an outdoor pool which was really nice.
Then we went to the mall and walk around for awhile. And took the girls to Build-A-Bear. They were thrilled. This is something we've never done with them. And they LOVED it, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Chastity named her kitty Stawbery and Alyssa named her's dog Coco, yes I know not spelled right but we let them deiced how to SPELL it.
There's tons more to show also. I'm going to be making a slide show and adding it on here soon.
Stay tuned for Part 2.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pool Time

Chastity hanging on the stairs.

Alyssa giving me love

Alyssa ans Aaron

Chad's vacation has started. Which means a busy week at the Eash house.

We took a break from the lake and had some pool time fun. Which the girls loved. Chastity even jump off the diving board. Alyssa wasn't having it. She'd swim in the deep end of the pool but wouldn't jump off the diving board.
Skamp has been great he goes almost every where with us that he can. Most of the time he just sleeps in the truck. So far every where we've taken him he has adapted well. And he also loves the water, which is great for us.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sis-ta time

The Girls, Mom, Skamp, and I went down to Heather's for an overnight stay. It's so nice to get together and Kim and my nieces were also there.
Just hang out in the back yard and let the kids run around, play in the little pool, and the sprinkler.
It's nice to be able to have that sister and aunt time. And also to spoil kids that aren't mine. We had a blast being together and hanging out.
I can't get over how big Elliot has gotten and how much she talks and loves to play with the girls and also hang out with me. She got upset when it was time for us to go home, she didn't want us to leave her. Henry is also getting bigger, and of course who can't get enough baby love.
Thanks again sis for having us down.

New Truck

My husband new truck. Man I really like this thing. And I'm so glad that he gets to drive something this nice. I've always got the nice vehicle and his drove the not so nice one. Which I really love him for that.