Sunday, May 30, 2010

Were Married

Yesterday I became Mrs. Elizabeth Rene Eash. It was prefect and wonderful. I also can't put it into words how GREAT it was and still is. It still seems so unreal and also somewhat of a blur that it happened.
Thank you all that could be there and spend this wonderful day with us. And those that couldn't be we missed you but understand why you couldn't be there. We love each and everyone one of you. Thank you to all that made it so special and that put a lot of their time into helping us. Marren Haab really did A LOT of work for us at the church and also at the reception with the food.Also Chad and I's niece Laramie was with me from Thursday till Saturday stay up till 2am getting all the last minute things done. A lot of the things were home made and that takes a lot of time. But I didn't want it any other way.
But i knew that it was all worth all of time once I heard Chad say how wonderful everything look. And how happy he was that we put and did all the work we did too make it be so beautiful.
I can't wait too see all the pictures that my GREAT friend Angie took for us. She went to collage for photography. And as also done our family and engagement in the past. So I trusted her 100% and from the ones I saw they are gonna be AWESOME!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girls NIght

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Had a girls night on Friday night. And lets just say I haven't had one of these in a REALLY long time. Kayla, Angie, Heather, and my sis in law Kim all went out to hacienda. Which is in the top five of my favorite places to eat.
It was a blast to be able to have time with the girls and also eat a HOT meal. Alyssa wasn't for sure why she couldn't go with me? She's a girl she said so why can't I go? I told her cause she wasn't 21 yet. And she left it at that.
The next two weeks are going to be very BUSY.
FYI, I have not been to the tanning bed. That is all Free Tanning thanks to MR. Sun and the girls wanting to be out all the time. From the time we get home from school to dinner time.
Engagement pictures, we never did them when Chad purposed to me in August 2008. Our lives were being with Alison is much as we could be.
Chad has a meeting with both lawyers and a judge on Friday. Which is the last step before a trail. So if there's augment we wont go to trial. It was 3 years May 6th that the accident happened.
We get OUR PUPPY on Saturday, which is going to be wonderful. The girls, Chad, and I have been over twice to see Skamp and all the other puppies. The girls are both in love with all of them and want them all.
Kindergarten testing for Alyssa.
Meeting with the ENT doctor about Alyssa's tonsils being removed. Thought we might not have to. But with her Asthma getting worse and now she is on an inhaler with steroids were not too happy about it. And we know that it will help a lot by having them out.
Field trip, last day of school for both girls, and Pre school graduation.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Our new puppy

The newest member to our family SKAMP..... 5 week old golden retriever. We don't have him at home yet until the 24th of May.

We didn't tell the girls what we were doing just that they life was going to be change. The both were in heaven when we got there. There was 12 little puppies running around. Joel and Marybeth were awesome in letting us hang out for awhile to let the girls play with all of the puppies.

We have made a candler to count down the days till we get to bring him home. I think I have already been ask at least 100 times if we can go and pick him up. And I'm sure it will be asked 100's more times before he's here.