Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Eash family. We took the girls to Goshen up town to all the business, my mom also came. The business pass out candy from 12 to 5pm some of the store even ran out of candy because they has such a good turn out. The weather was wonderful, Thanks Auntie Ali (that's what Alyssa kept on saying.) Ali gave us a wonderful day mommy. The girls had a blast they both practice all morning long on saying trick or treat. Last year we couldn't get Alyssa to say it at all and Chastity wasn't old enough yet. But this year we got them both to say it. Alyssa couldn't get over how many little kids their were all dress up. Then we all went to dinner at Applebees and got to see Na-Na Eash. Alyssa kept on trying to flew every time the wind would blow her wings. And Chastity would say Go Notre Dame. We sure did get a lot of comments on her outfit. Chastity pumpkin bucket was getting so heavy that she would push it all the way up to her shoulder to hold on to it. And she didn't want anyone else to hold it for her. I think that they both got about 5 pounds of candy. I think that were set for a couple of months.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

Alyssa had her Halloween party at school today. The whole class dress up and they played games, danced, read a Halloween book, and even got to hit a pinata. She got some really cool toys and tons of candy. Chastity got to be a part of the class and dress up also. They loved that I painted the nails, put sparkles in their hair and got to ware play make-up. They both had a blast and were ready for a nap when we got home.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

List is getting done

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still doing all the things I said I would do "In memory of Alison." I became a "Card Angel" it's like "Chemo Angel" but you send a card at least once a week and other small gifts. It was all that they could offer me at this time. Alyssa and I are still growing our hair out. Alyssa's will be ready to donate before mine. She can't wait she ask me every day "momma is time time to give my hair to another little girl or boy yet." I will be donating blood next week you can only do it every 8 weeks. Then I'll start donating platelets which you can do every three days. I think that I will start out just once a month for now and then go from there. It takes 2 to 3 hours to donate platelets. I help Katy with wedding things and it was really nice to be apart of all of it. Still writing on the blog and in my journal to Alison. I haven't had the blogs made into books yet. But now that Tom is added things I might wait and do it later but it will be done. I have the wall almost done with pictures I have a few more pictures to put up with frames. We still have our kitty, man she is a little brat sometimes she loves to be outside so we let her and it was fine. But a couple weeks ago she would run away when it was time to come inside so we stop letting her out. So now she waits at the door for someone to open so she can escape and she does sometimes, so then we have to chase her. Or she'll sit at the door if your outside and meow and meow. Last night she got out for two hours and I didn't think she was going to come back because we couldn't find her, she finally did about 9:30pm.
Just wanted to let you all know that I have got almost all done on my list.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

So today is my 26th birthday. I'm not really doing to much. I have received most of my gifts already. I got some Notre Dame gear from Chad and the girls, Alyssa sang Happy Birthday to me (that I had to add) tee and jeans from my sister Heather, the famous card from my grandma with $10.00 in it, and my sister Kim got me 3 big pots of mums. There of course is one person that I won't get a card or gift from this year, ALISON. It's not the gift that I really want it's just the phone call and her card I'm missing very much. I really miss hearing her voice telling that me she loves me. I got in my box and got the card out that she gave me last year and of course I cried. At first I couldn't find it but I was finding all the other cards that she has gave me over the years. I was afraid that I hadn't kept it but I found it, there was relief. There were so many cards in there from her to Chad, Alyssa, Chastity, and I. I'm so glad that I saved all our cards from ALISON and from everyone else.
Chad is going to make me my favorite dinner Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and slice bread I can't wait. The girls are going to my brother and sister in laws for a couple of hours tonight.
Next Tuesday were going to have a birthday party for Alyssa, Olivia, and I with Chad's side of the family. Hope you enjoy the singing!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katy and Micah's wedding

Yesterday was Katy and Micah's wedding, it's was beautiful. Chad and I had a really good time with everyone. For the ones that stayed later we all got shots for being the late night partier's. Lets just say I had a few drinks. The picture of Katy and I dancing together is a song that we had played in memory of Alison. Some of you might remember it I had it on my blog, Brandy: "I'll be missing you". Katy and I both cried and laugh it was hard without Alison there but I know that she was watching over all of us. Before dinner was served there was prayer and also a moment of silences for Alison. I of course was caught off guard and began to cry. Chad was wonderful at getting me calmed down. All the girls in the wedding party had A's on there bouquet's. The picture of the bag had candy in it, it was an idea that Alison had and was going to make. So Katy deiced to still make them herself ad with the help of Micah. Along with all the center pieces and card box that (I forgot to get a picture of) but Katy and I work our butts off on it. It was great to be able to help and be apart of this big day with Katy, Micah, and family.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin time

The family craved pumpkins yesterday. The girls were so excited about it until it came time to clean them out. Alyssa did clean hers out some, but Chastity was having no part in it. As you can see from the pictures the best I could get was her just to look inside. We went on the Internet and found craving stencils and I let the girls make their own faces it's pretty cool and there free. The web site is check it out if you don't want to have to buy the book. And just scherch for pumpkin stencil maker.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pledge of Allegiance

Here's Alyssa saying Pledge of Allegiance. They say it at school every morning. She hasn't even been in school for 3 months and she already knows it. At the end you can hear her say play my song. She wanted me to put it on my blog so she could hear herself sing. And when she does she always says "mommy I sound different". I can't get over how much she has change in just these few months.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Alyssa and Abby's birthday party

On Saturday we had Alyssa's 4Th birthday and Abby's 10Th birthday party. This year we did them together and it was a lot easier. We also did a pizza party instead of cooking out which also was an easy clean up. The weather was nice still a little cold to be outside with the wind coming off the lake. We had planed on doing a bone fire but it was too clod for that I think it got down to 38 degrees that night. So we played some PlayStation 3 and some Wii. I had never played Wii before and it was a blast I really kick butt on blowing. I think that our family is going to have to get one of those. As you can see from the pictures Tom came!!!!!! It made Alyssa and Abby's day to be able to see him. All they both wanted to do was be right up on his lap. It was great for the whole family to be together.
Some of you might now know because you read Tom's blog but he was in an accident on Saturday night. It happened about 15miles after he left our house from the party. He was on Colin's (Tom's sisters husband) motorcycle and a deer ran out in front of him. He flew off and the bike was found about 50 yards from were he was. He is okay after being at the hospital for hours and doing x-rays and an MRI. I'm so glad that no mater what he always wares a helmet and he's spacesuit (that's what he calls it.) I know that he has an angel watching over him.
Thnaks again for everyone coming out, can't wait to have my birthday party.
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Alyssa

Alyssa is fours years old today. I made her a little something to show how much she has change in these past four years. As I put this together for me it was hard. In every picture I noticed that Ali had a part of it. She either took the picture or was in the picture. Except for the very first two pictures of Alyssa's life. Ali didn't get to be here for her birth even though if she could of been she would of been. Ali and Tom did visit me when I was prego and about a week and half later I had Alyssa. I have to say that I did have a break down making this and seeing how much Ali loved to be with Alyssa. I can still remember the first time that she got to see her and hold her. The first time we went to her house. The garden pictures that Tom Thumb took. And Alyssa 3rd birthday, how much fun we had that weekend with the fire, the cooking out, and just being together. I know that Ali got almost four years with Alyssa and Ali made a impact on her life FOREVER and for that I am thankful. I also can remember calling Chad at work and telling him that it was time. And he said it's time, and I said yes it's time to have her. We were going to get induced two days later but she wasn't waiting. I had so much false labor with Alyssa that I waited fours hours before I went to the hospital that morning because I didn't want to be sent home. So I was there for an hour and then they broke my water. So because I had been there so many times I waited to call Chad until I knew that it was the real thing.
My life has change a lot in these past four years and I love every minute of it. There are good days and some bad days but I wouldn't change any part of it with my little girl. I love that I am a stay at home mom, I love that I am the care giver, a teacher, and most of all her mom. It's amazing to know that Chad and I created someone so beautiful. Giving birth is one of the greatest gifts in life.

I Love You Alyssa Rene.

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Christopher is home

The family has spent the last two nights with Christopher my nephew who is home from Iraq. He is station in Hawaii and has finally got to come back to Indiana for two weeks. It has been great to see him and see how much he has change in these past 10 months. Thursday night I made a big pot roast and had Brian, Kim, Christopher, Dad, and Mike over for dinner. Hung out for a couple of hours, talk, and had a few drinks. Then tonight we went over to Brian and Kim's and had cook-out with Mike, Dad, Chris, Amanda and my family. I love being around the family, it really helps with all that is going on with the pain. I'm so glad that Dad and Mom help us and made us be such a close family. In my eyes no matter what family is always number one you can have all the friends in the world but my family will always be there first and for most. The girls fell in love with Christopher, and he played with them so well I know that he will make a great Daddy......someday. I can still remember babysitting him and his brother Steven (who couldn't come up because he had to work) with Heather and Alison. We were all so close at a young age and that's why we still are so close. Hopefully Christopher will be able to be home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. It all depends on his orders it's one or the other and the cost of an airplane ticket. It wasn't too cheap for him to fly home this time. He will be leaving again in April to go to Afghanistan not for sure how long this time. We just all hope and pray that he will come home safe. My little girls know that he is a Marine and that he's job is to keep us safe and to protect us. When we first talk to Alyssa about it months ago she said "ya, just like solider protects us" (our dog). This is one thing that my little girls will get is that there are people who fight and give their life everyday so that we can be what and who we are today,tomorrow, and forever.
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Birthday party @ School

Yesterday Alyssa had her birthday party at school. The whole family made white cupcakes with orange, brown, and lime green frosting. She has became a really good cook, and she loves to wear her "ship outfit." Chastity and I got to school and celebrate in the party. it was nice to see the way Alyssa acts and how well she listens to her teacher's. They made a crown for her, she got to pick a gift out of a box, and she got to decide what they did for playtime. She pick a little yellow bear and played outside. It was so cute because Chastity was a part of the class, she lined up with them in line and got to sit at the table with Alyssa and all the other kids. I can't wait for Chastity to be in school next year.
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