Thursday, December 31, 2009



Lyam James

Born December 31st 7lbs 13.5 oz and 21ins.

Mommy and Daddy are great. Both very tired after a very long day and a half.

Can't wait to meet him in person tomorrow and take some great pictures.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas program' 09

The girls had their Christmas program December 18th. It was so cute and all the kids sang very loud!!!

We got to see Santa and both the girls were very happy about that. We had went to the library the night before and Alyssa didn't want anything to do with him. She started crying and hide behind me. Chastity of course had no problem with sitting on his lap. But then Friday night, she couldn't wait to see him and sit on his lap. I think she just wanted the candy cane.




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Merry Christmas' 09



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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookies and Gingerbread Making

Friday the girls and I made cookies with my mom. We did sugar Christmas cookies and gingerbread men cookies with Hersey Candy Cane metaled on them. Ali had made the gingerbread cookies before so it was in her memory. The girls had a lot of fun making them and we talk about Ali while doing them.

Sunday we made Gingerbread house's with Abby, Christen, and Kim. We had stay at their house after Christmas at Aunt Beth's, I'll have those pictures later.

We had a great time being with Kim and the girls watch some Christmas movies. Abby and the girls had a dance party. Abby played a lot of games with them. Christen couldn't do a lot with them because she had foot surgery and can't be on her foot for 3 months. So they loved on her a lot.

The girls thought the gingerbread houses were pretty neat and fun to make. Alyssa's fell apart on the way home but we super glued back together. Those things are a lot to keep together then you think they would be.

I love being at Kim's so many great memories there from when we were younger we'd go there 2 weeks over the summer.

Thanks again Kim and family for letting us come visit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little ladies

My little girls are becoming little ladies.

Alyssa is into doing her all on her own all the time. Which I'm fine with but sometimes it looks a little crazy, but I just let it go. She is growing up and is becoming more independent. I know that in the long run it will have paid off.In this hair style she had 20 bobbie pins. She also is taking showers now... no more baths. It didn't like it at first but now she loves it and can't wait to shower.

Chastity is also taking showers, she loved from the start and would stay in there for hours if I'd let her. And as soon as she gets out she runs to the corn stove and sits there for 15 minutes. She says she doesn't need a towel because the stove drys her and her hair.

I'm so happy that I have two very Independent little ladies.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Here's a few pictures off of my cell phone. I love the one that I took of Alyssa and Paisley I for got about it. Going to get it printed and give it to her for Christmas she still wants her to come back.
Snowmen faces my mom made for the girls she give them an ornament every year.
the girls with my Dad, the love to be in his chair with him watching TV or a movies.
Chastity and I at "The fest" at the library part of the reading program they have there.