Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I'm happy to report that Chastity is in a BIG girl bed now. She has been asking for awhile but then when we'd ask her if she was going to get out she always said yes. So on Friday she took a nap in Alyssa bed and didn't get up. Chad and I told her if she didn't get up then she could have a BIG girl bed. So Friday evening we change her bed into a BIG girl bed. And I happy to say she hasn't got up once. She LOVES it so much. On Saturday night Alyssa feel asleep watching TV with Daddy so I put her to bed and then Chas said that she wanted to go to bed also. I figured she would go in there and just play but nope, I check on her 20 minutes later and she was out. These are the pictures from Saturday night. It's funny because they have to sleep with so many things. Blankets, animals, and babies.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bracelet update

I needed to let everyone know that they need to hold off on sending any money my way for Ali's bracelets. Kimberley and I found out that there is a lot more to this then what we knew of and thought. We had to get a charity set up in Ali's name and it takes about a month for the name to be approved. So we have about 2 more weeks. For it to be all tax free money and so that Kimberly doesn't have to pay taxes on all the money, this is the way it has to be done. So once I know the name that was approve I will let everyone know. Believe me I want my bracelet also but we have to do things the right way. And it also has been a little frustrating to Kimberly and I, we never knew that all these things had to be done just to be able to sell bracelets in Ali's name. Thanks for being so patient with all as we are also still learning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Tom

Happy Birthday Tom Thumb. You are a great brother-in-law, and a great uncle. We couldn't ask for anything more. We are so glad that you came into our life's. The girls just adorer you. They look up to you in so many ways, and even I do. I'm so thankful that God put you and Alison together. You are a big part of our life's and are family. Hope that you enjoy your day.
Hope you all enjoy the pictures of Tom. I added some that were older just because there all good memories.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My cute girls

I just wanted to show how cute the girls are getting. Chas hair is getting so long that she can wear it in a pony tail now. She looks it cause she gets to be like "Lissa". Alyssa's hair will be able to be cute soon and donate to locks of love. I haven't decided if I want to cut it or wait and cut it when my hair is ready.
The weather has been wonderful, we have played outside everyday, since Saturday. The girls have had a blast.
Chad's mom came down and got the girls yesterday. She took them to a movie and to Chuck E Cheese. This was Chastity first theater movie, but she did very well. They went to the dollar theater in Mishawaka. They saw Madagascar 2. Chad's mom said she was laughing the whole time. And at Chuck E Cheese Alyssa won a ton of tickets but she didn't wouldn't give them up for a toy she kept them. As soon as she got home she put them in her purse to save.
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Flu Bug Hits Our House

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor because I've been having some upper back pain. I have a really tender spot between my shoulder blade and spine. But I also have numbness all through my back. It feels like the numb medicine they give you before the Epidural. So DOC told me to watch for a rash because this is signs of Shingles.......WHAT. So lets pray that I don't get them. I've been checking my body like crazy for a rash but nothing yet. If I'm still have the back pain/numbness by Friday then were going to do some x-rays.
So I took the girls to Chads mom while I was st the DOC. Alyssa had been complaining that her belly hurt her ever since about 11:30am and hadn't ate very much. I just thought that she just needed to go number 2 that's an issues with her. So I had gave her Tums and Pepto but didn't really help. So we were getting ready to leave and no long then a second did Alyssa get into the truck she threw up all over the floor and herself. So I got her out really quick and she threw up again in the snow this time. Big mess, but got it cleaned up and we were trying to leave again didn't make it out of the driveway and she threw up, twice again this time in a Wal-mart bag. Pull back into the drive way and threw it away and waited a little while. She said that she felt fine so we tried it again. Made it this time just pass CR40 onto the bridge and she was throwing up, she did so well with keeping it in the Wal-mart bag. So I pulled over and she stop so we waited there for awhile again and she said that she was okay and just wanted to be home and see daddy. So we took off again and this time we made all the way to Mock road which is like 2 minutes from our house. So I pulled over and has she's throwing she said "Mommy I don't want chocolate cupcakes every again." That's what they had for snack at school, they had a birthday party. So by this time she has threw up 6 times within 45 minutes. So I called the Doc on call and they called in some Phenergan Suppository. Doc said the flu is going around really bad and to give her these every four hours has needed and to push the clear liquids. She threw up 2 more times before we got the medicine and 2 more time after she took it. Her and I both sleep out in the living room together, and it was a long night for the both of us. But she hasn't thew up since 3:00am.
Today is been okay no throwing up but she feels like she is going to, not eating to much but is drinking and keeping it down so far. She has her color back today and not running a low grade fever. Chastity seems to be okay also, she is happy too she that Alyssa isn't throwing up, in her words "Alyssa puke".