Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm gonna sleep in a basket

So when your son say he's gonna sleep in the basket he isn't joking...... he's really gonna do it. This is how Andrea and I found Gavin last Sunday night. We were both cracking up laughing so hard that we were both surprised him and Ashton didn't wake up. I can't imagine it was comfortable but I guess when your five anything is.


My mom has gotten both the girls an ornament every year for Christmas. It's something that they both have started to look forward to. And she gives it to them at our family Thanksgiving. It's actually something that she has been doing with the whole family these past years. Some of the ornaments that she has gave are home made ones which makes them even better. 
There's two ornaments that are hard to add to the tree but also we look forward to seeing them. And there the ones that Ali made for the girls. They are just so perfect and look so beautiful on the tree. I find myself just staring at them. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Chatching up

A lot has happened since my last post. 
 Alyssa lost another tooth 
Chastity lost another tooth 
So that's a totally of three for both of them. 
Yeah and Chastity is only 4 and a half. 
Photo Shoots
Had two flat tires in one week.
Random trip to Chicago with some great friends.
Nephew home for Good from the Marine Core.
Dealing with the fact that my Grandma only had 2 weeks left with us on earth. 
Losing My Grandma 
Black Friday
Thanksgiving with the Morgan side
Viewing and Funeral for my Grandma 
Christmas tree up 
Alyssa thinks garland is a french word. 
Spending time with friends
These are just a few things that has been going on. The hardest to deal with is the lost of my grandma. She lived a wonderful life for 90 years. But it never makes it easier to lose someone. And also when your still dealing with the lost of your sister... it seems that it gets a little easier and then I lose someone close to me and all those feelings of Alison come back. This is the third person that has past since we lost Alison. With the death there's good days and bad days. And I know that it will always be that way.