Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping In/ New Room

The girls did a little camping in this weekend. We got new carpet put in there room Friday evening. So I came up with the idea they could camp out (IN) the living room. The first thing Chastity said was " Can we have a fire?" And then Alyssa said "Ya and make snores." They had a blast, thought it was so cool to be inside sleeping in their tent.
Chad and I asked them if they wanted us to put their beds up on Saturday and they both ask to sleep in their tent again. So we let them but put it in their room.
I added a picture of their new room walls paint pink and new soft carpet. That's what Alyssa says " new soft carpet, I just love it." They also pick the color for their walls. Once I got it painted Chad came in and said "holy cow it's pink." Now that we have the carpet it helps tone it down some.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chad's Birthday Week- 09

So every year for Chad's birthday the girls and I celebrate it for him for a whole week. I guess you ca say he's spoiled or I just want him to know how much the girls and I appreciate him.

Saturday September 5Th:
He got a new long sleeve tee from Old Navy.

Sunday September 6Th:
I threw him a surprise birthday party.It was a lot harder then I thought it would be and I think he knew a little something was up but he didn't know when and who. And I kept it from him which was really hard for me to do. I'm one of those people when I get you something I want you to have it right away. It was a cook-out, bonfire, boat rides,drinking a little too much and CHRISTOPHER CAME HOME!!!!

Monday September 7Th:
HE got a new pair of Jeans from Old navy.

Tuesday September 8Th:
The girls and I made home made chocolate chip cookies. Chad LOVES them. He could smell them as soon as he pull into the driveway.

Wednesday September 9Th: Happy Birthday Chad!!!!
The girls and I made his other favorite Chicken Alfredo. And then I made him this college out of pictures that spells DAD.

Thursday September 10Th:
He got a new Notre Dame hat and winter p.j. pants.

Friday September 11Th:
He got a new pair of shoes, so now he can take his old pair and wear them to work. There still in really good shape but his work ones are not and he wouldn't buy a new pair so I did it for him. So he can get rid of his old, falling apart work shoes now. I got a really good deal cause I got them off of eBay. I have bought so many things off there and haven't spent a lot of money. They do have good deals.

Saturday September 12Th:
The girls and I made breakfast in bed. But we all had breakfast with Chad in bed like a little picnic. The girls thought it was so cool cause we all ate in our bed together. We mad eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.

Hope that you enjoyed your birthday week, I love you honey.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alyssa's first day of Pre-K

It's hard to believe that Alyssa is already in Pre-K. She is so excited to go back and get to see all her friends and I hope make new ones. There are about 7 more kids in her class this year then last year.
She also pick out her own outfit and got herself ready. We sure do have two very independent girls.
Alyssa's hair is almost ready to get cut off and donate too some little boy or girl (she'll tell you that). My hopes was it would be long enough before school but to make a full wig it has to be 10 ins. I'm ready for her hair to be short, she's not a big fan of having it up or having anything in it. I think it's because she never really had any hair to do anything with until she was about 2 and half. So I know she'll love it too.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chastity's in Preschool

Chastity w/ Mrs. Haab
Chastity w/ Mrs. Walker
Chastity and Mr. Scarecrow.
Chastity @ Orientation.
Chastity outside of school.
Chastity and Mommy.
Last Thursday Chastity had her first hour of preschool. They do a little orientation to make it easier for the kids. She of course had no problem with it. She LOVED it and couldn't wait to go back.
So today is her first full day of class. She pick out her own outfit got her pack-pack around and was already to go. I even had to ask for a hug when I left this morning.
Chad and I our hopping that preschool will help with her stubbornness. She is very independent and we know in the long run it pay off but at times it can be difficult.
We no longer have a baby we have a BIG girl. We have loved watching her grow into a little lady.
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