Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 year molers

I took Alyssa to the dentist yesterday for her 6 month cleaning. And as they were checking her teeth they confirmed that her 6 year molers had came all the way through. When we had went in last time they had just started to come through the gum's some. The dentist said it was really early but not a big deal just be more work for us to keep them clean.
So we have decided to put sealants on them to keep them safe. Not that she has a problem brushing her teeth but I rather be safe. We've been there when little kids are getting their cavities done and I don't want to put Alyssa through that.
Alyssa is so excited that she has her BIG GIRL teeth. She loves going to the dentist now and sitting in the chair all by herself. When we first started going she would cry the whole time we were there. But the last two times we've went there have been no tears.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chastity's half Birthday

Because Chastity's birthday is in the summer and there not in school they celebrate half birthdays. So today we took in home made Chocolate chip cookies and milk for all the kids in her class. She was so excited about all of it. I didn't get to take any pictures of her making them because she made them with my mom. I love getting to go to school with the girls and seeing how well they are when I'm not around and how they act towards the other kids.
She choose to have birthday spankings and not hugs. Which i thought was funny!!
And for her gift she pick a little tea set that her and Alyssa haven't stop playing since we got home.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christopher Home

Christopher came home , it was great to see him. He didn't get to be here for Christmas so we were all glad he made it home this week. He's been in Washington for a while now but soon will be going back to "Y" (Hawaii) that's what the girls call it.
There were a lot of laughs, playing with the girls, and taking pictures. All the pictures that were taken were by Alyssa or Chastity. They both are into taking pictures. Which makes me happy, since I'm a picture freak.

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Friday, January 01, 2010

Lyam James

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I got to see baby Lyam today. He is so PREFECT, it felt so good to hold a little one. I love to hear babies cry when there so little, but the only way to get Lyam to cry was to mess with him. He wouldn't even cry when he was hungry he'd just make little sounds.

Seems so weird to have a little boy in the family.... it only took 18 years.

Both Amanda and Jamie are doing great.

There will be more pictures to come in a few days.