Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ali!

Happy 28th Ali! We all love and miss you so much.
Normally today as soon as I woke I would have pick up the phone and give Ali a call. This morning we sang Happy Birthday to Ali, knowing that she can hear us in Heaven. Both of the girls made her cards and asked me to mail them to her in Heaven. Of course I don't have the heart to tell them I can't. So I have saved all the thing that they have asked me to mail and will show the girls someday...... when they really understand more.
In the past few weeks Ali has been on my mind a lot. Thinking about last year at this time. Things that we did when we were kids. Looking at hands and seeing scares that she left from pinching me. Closing my eyes and seeing her smile.
I looked out to the lake this morning and noticed that the Peonies finally started to bloom. I went out right and way and pick some and put them in a vase. They were one of Ali's favorite flowers. It's still not to be selfish and want Ali here but i also know that she couldn't take the pain anymore. And knowing that she no longer has pain, fear, unhappy thoughts, and sad feelings. Makes my heart feel a little better at times. i still have those hard moments and days and I think that I always will.
No matter what we will always celebrate this day in someway. I love you Alison Frances Morgan-Kline.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chastity 3rd Birthday Party

We had Chastity 3rd Birthday party on Saturday. We had it early this year because I know how busy everyone can get in the summer. It was such an beautiful day, the weather was PERFECT. We had a cook-out, bonfire, a little swimming,time with family and friends, and cup cake ice cream cones. Ali and I had talk about making them before and never got to do it. So this year I knew I wasn't buying a cake. I'd make the cup cake ice cream cones. They turned out supper cute and everyone LOVED them. The Birthday HAT that Chastity has on, is the one that Alyssa also wore on her 3rd Birthday. AUNTIE ALI made it, so it now has been pass down and it will continue to be pass down to baby Odet. I'm so glad that there can be a little bit of ALI with all of us.Thank you all for coming out and spending the day with us. Chastity had a BLAST and Loved all the gifts she got. She was nothing but SMILES all day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day/ Christopher left for Afghanistan

My Mother's Day was wonderful. I got to sleep in until 10:00am which is a treat for me. Chad and the girls made me a wonderful breakfast. I got waited on and and foot. Didn't have to do any of the normal daily routine at all. Chad and the girls did it all for me. It was wonderful. I'm so lucky to have such a great family.
Then we went up to Chad's mom for an early dinner which we had our favorite Pa Pa Johns Pizza. We hardly have it here because the closes one is in Warsaw and by the time you drive there and pick it up and drive home it's not too hot anymore.
Last night we took my mom out to dinner with my brother Brian, Mike and their family's. And she spent the night with us which the girls always love. Because she'll put them to bed and read them books.
Hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.
Christopher my nephew left yesterday for Afghanistan. He will be there until sometime in December. So please put him into your prayers that he comes home safe. Thanks for all that you do, We love you Christopher.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

On Saturday Alyssa school put together a Mother's Day tea Program. It was so cute and we had a wonderful time. It was the 3 years old and Pre-K class together. They sang songs and resisted a poem for us. Then we had lunch and tea. They had made us a gift which was a plate with a picture of Alyssa in the middle way cute! They also had made a number book, weighed and measured them a the being of the year till now. Alyssa had grew 2 and half inches and gained 3 pounds. There were also tons of pictures they had taken through out the school year that we got.
I can't believe that school it going to be out soon she only has 6 more days (times) after today. It went by really fast. Alyssa gets to take snack on the last day of school. She is really excited about it and already knows that she wants to take...... pop sickles.
I have added some of the video that I took of the program. I didn't get to take all of the pictures that I had wanted too.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Karate Kid

Here she is....... the next karate kid in her Gee. She goes twice a week and is doing so good. Chad and I are very happy with how fast she is getting the hang off it. And how much she is learning. I love the fact that she has been calling Chad and I Ma'am and Sir. It's all about RESPECT and she is learning a lot of it. Not that she didn't have it before but now she has a lot more of it. They also teach them to use their voices and self- defense which in this world she needs it. There's just too many weird o's out there.
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