Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm a Nanny

Some of you know that I started working out of the home last week. After being a stay at home mom for five years I now am a nanny for quadruplet boys Henry, Joe,Sam and Tommy. Tommy has nurse with him at all times but I will still help with him if needed. So I'll be doing the basic Feedings, changing dipars, playing, and other household duties. Kirstin is very organized which makes it so easy. I'm so glad that Kristin and Tim found me and I found them. They are wonderful people and I have a lot of respect for them. It's hard to be a parent but to be parent's to four boys that were born early and have been through a lot in their almost first year of life. I knew when I meant Kristin for the first time I could tell that the boys were so happy and they have great people caring for them.
It's going to great I'll work three or four days a week 6 hours a day give or take. So on some days I can still take the girls to school and pick them up. And not be working everyday. My first week went really well and i am now onto week two.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr. Flu

For the past week and a half the girls and I have been sick. First it started with Chastity getting an sinus infection on Monday. Then Monday night through Wednesday Alyssa had the flu. It was nasty poor thing. Then Chastity got a ear infection on Thursday. Alyssa got a sinus infection on Friday and by Saturday she had a double ear infection. I thought after awhile that Alyssa had mono cause she was so weak and all she wanted to do was sleep.
Then me thinking I'm so glad I haven't got sick nope Sunday I got the flu and by today I still have a touch of it. With Alyssa and I both you feel better but you feel nausea's for days on end and that's how I'm feeling now. I didn't watch a minute of the super bowl. I was so out of it. When I get sick throwing up I have to take phenorgen or I won't stop and then I'm off to the ER to where I have to stay for a few days. Those pills have been life savers for me. So glad that Chad was home so he could be with the girls. And then my Dad help this week while Chad was at work.
Today was the first time I left the house and it was to take Chastity to school and I came home and laid down after cause I'm so weak. I haven't had a real meal since Friday and I'm not even hungry at all.