Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Field trips

Chastity had a field trip on Monday with her class to Fashion Farms. And it was a BLAST!!! I hadn't been there in years and I was glad that I got to go along. It was still how I remember it as a child. This year marks there 31 year anniversary. Which is crazy, glad that there are people out there that are so dedicated to make our little ones so happy and excited about things.

Then Alyssa had one to Health Works in South Bend.  Which is the first time that we had been there. And they had a blast. They learned a lot about germs and eating and being healthy.  She is so against pop now cause she got to see how much sugar is in it. Which she never really had pop anyways but now there's no way she gonna want it. this is a place I'd go back to this winter because there is a lot to do there. It was nice to ride a bus again... it had been so long.

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