Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sum of what's been going on

Alyssa's first Karate class
All the grand kids
Easter eggs the girls dyed
Chas and Alyssa dyeing eggs

Thursday-Friday: We went to Heather's and Kim and the girls came over for dinner. It was great to spend time with my sister's. We did a lot of talking so much that I didn't even take one picture. The girls and I saw Tom on Friday. We went over to Ali's and Tom's house. Alyssa had been asking to see it because she forgot what it look like. I thought it was going to be hard but it was okay. The hardest room for me to go into was their bedroom. I took a few steps in and then turned around I couldn't do it. But I was proud of myself for getting through the front door. Tom gave the girls some movies and art things of Alison's. And Tom gave me all of Ali's purse so we can all go through them. She had so many purse's and Vera Bradly things.
Colored Easter eggs with the girls. My niece Amanda came over and hung out with her. We have been hanging out a lot and it's been so nice.
Alyssa woke and was ready to do her Easter basket but we let Chastity sleep in. The girls were happy with what the Easter Bunny had brought them. Then we all made breakfast has a family . We had planned on going to church with Chad's mom but she wasn't feeling well. So we just went to her house and had a get together there. She made dinner and got the grand kids Easter baskets.
We took Alyssa to her FIRST KARATE CLASS. She was and is so excited. Chad and I had thought that she couldn't start till she was 5 but I found a place in Warsaw that will take them at 4. She will be learning more then just Karate. It's a lot about discipline, self defences, and taekwondo. I only took one picture because I didn't want to distract her. She will start wearing a white uniform and working on getting her white belt. There will be another girl Alyssa's age that will start on Thursday and she will be Alyssa's partner.

Please send me your checks or money orders for your BRACELETS. Email me and I will give you my address. You can make the check/money order out to Rene Morgan. Can't wait for you all to get your hands onto them. I so far have sold over $400.00 worth and that's just in the family.

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Send me your address and how much! I don't have you email other than myspace. I can't wait
Marissa (Lauren) in Alabama