Monday, October 12, 2009

Alyssa's 5th bithday party

We had Alyssa's birthday party yesterday. She wanted me to make her a pony cake so i did. It was a lot harder then I thought it would be. But she loved it so it made me happy. She got so many nice things and money that she wants to put back and save it. This was the first year she invited friends from school. So she was so excited for all of her family and friends to be together. Thank you for coming out and spending the day with us. Alyssa didn't want to go to bed last night because she wanted to play w/ all her new gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Super cute cake! Good job!

Is that Katy Biddle?

Rene said...

Yes it is Katy. My sister Alison and her were BF and she is a really good friend of the family. Her and I have became really close these past three years.