Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 09

Thanksgiving was wonderful. So glad to be able to be with all the family.
On Thanksgiving day we celebrated with the whole Eash family at our house. I cook my first turkey and it turned out GREAT. It was a lot easier then I thought it would be.
The girls were so excited to be having a party at our house, (that's what they called Thanksgiving.)
Then on Saturday we went to Heather and Micheal's for the Morgan's side Thanksgiving. And we also celebrate Elliot's birthday. I can't believe that she is going to be TWO this week. She has grown so much in a year. She is so lovey with Chad and plays great with the girls.
I'm so thankful that we have such a close family and that we are all able to be together. We've had some hard times, but God has also blessed us.

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