Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little ladies

My little girls are becoming little ladies.

Alyssa is into doing her all on her own all the time. Which I'm fine with but sometimes it looks a little crazy, but I just let it go. She is growing up and is becoming more independent. I know that in the long run it will have paid off.In this hair style she had 20 bobbie pins. She also is taking showers now... no more baths. It didn't like it at first but now she loves it and can't wait to shower.

Chastity is also taking showers, she loved from the start and would stay in there for hours if I'd let her. And as soon as she gets out she runs to the corn stove and sits there for 15 minutes. She says she doesn't need a towel because the stove drys her and her hair.

I'm so happy that I have two very Independent little ladies.

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Andrea said...

My kids are showering now too! I just said last night, I cant believe my 4 year old takes a shower. Its awesome for them and a little sad for me!