Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6 year molers

I took Alyssa to the dentist yesterday for her 6 month cleaning. And as they were checking her teeth they confirmed that her 6 year molers had came all the way through. When we had went in last time they had just started to come through the gum's some. The dentist said it was really early but not a big deal just be more work for us to keep them clean.
So we have decided to put sealants on them to keep them safe. Not that she has a problem brushing her teeth but I rather be safe. We've been there when little kids are getting their cavities done and I don't want to put Alyssa through that.
Alyssa is so excited that she has her BIG GIRL teeth. She loves going to the dentist now and sitting in the chair all by herself. When we first started going she would cry the whole time we were there. But the last two times we've went there have been no tears.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I remember the days of getting sealant on my molars! it feels SO cool when they first do it. It's so smooth!