Monday, May 03, 2010

Our new puppy

The newest member to our family SKAMP..... 5 week old golden retriever. We don't have him at home yet until the 24th of May.

We didn't tell the girls what we were doing just that they life was going to be change. The both were in heaven when we got there. There was 12 little puppies running around. Joel and Marybeth were awesome in letting us hang out for awhile to let the girls play with all of the puppies.

We have made a candler to count down the days till we get to bring him home. I think I have already been ask at least 100 times if we can go and pick him up. And I'm sure it will be asked 100's more times before he's here.

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

So cute. I love goldies and when it comes time....we will get one. Hope you enjoy the little guy. How exciting.