Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my Dads Birthday,Happy Birthday Dad aka Pa-Pal. The girls and I made him a cake. And for dinner I'm making Pot Roast for him. On Monday we had some shopping to do and so I got the stuff to make the cake. So once we got home my Dad ask Alyssa if we bought him anything at the store? Alyssa told him ya were going to make you a cake. We were going to try and keep it a secret but oh well.
I love the fact the girls and I have gotten a close relationship with my Dad. I never really had one with him growing up. But these past two years have been nice to reconnect with him. Chad and I decide to move to Milford because my dad was going to pull RVS and didn't want the house to be empty. He also has a house in Florida so he's here, there, and everywhere. And also to get to see the close bond that he has with Alyssa and Chastity. If my Dad is here every night after dinner they get to watch a movie and eat pop-corn with Pa-Pal. So in the evening time it's almost like I don't have any kids for abut two hours. It's a nice to get to have a little time to myself or with Chad. They also enjoy playing doctor on Pa-Pal and giving him a flu shot.
We love you Dad, hope that you have a great birthday.


Anonymous said...

Awe that picture is precious! Good thing you have such great medical help right in your own home :)

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday!

He is such a good sport! I guess he is used to girls!

Too cute!