Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ali!

Happy 28th Ali! We all love and miss you so much.
Normally today as soon as I woke I would have pick up the phone and give Ali a call. This morning we sang Happy Birthday to Ali, knowing that she can hear us in Heaven. Both of the girls made her cards and asked me to mail them to her in Heaven. Of course I don't have the heart to tell them I can't. So I have saved all the thing that they have asked me to mail and will show the girls someday...... when they really understand more.
In the past few weeks Ali has been on my mind a lot. Thinking about last year at this time. Things that we did when we were kids. Looking at hands and seeing scares that she left from pinching me. Closing my eyes and seeing her smile.
I looked out to the lake this morning and noticed that the Peonies finally started to bloom. I went out right and way and pick some and put them in a vase. They were one of Ali's favorite flowers. It's still not to be selfish and want Ali here but i also know that she couldn't take the pain anymore. And knowing that she no longer has pain, fear, unhappy thoughts, and sad feelings. Makes my heart feel a little better at times. i still have those hard moments and days and I think that I always will.
No matter what we will always celebrate this day in someway. I love you Alison Frances Morgan-Kline.


Anonymous said...

Renee she was the first person I thought of this morning and I have been thinking alot of her lately too! Love ya! Katie Blum

Steph said...

This totally made me cry!! I'm sure yesterday was really hard, and Im sure Alison was looking down on you and smiling knowing that you still do special things with her in mind! Love ya pal!