Monday, June 29, 2009

Part 1

Chad's vacation started on Friday it's plants shut down so he's off until July 6th. So these past three days have been filled with a lot of time with family and friends. We have been out on the lake the past 2 days and it's been wonderful. Here's how the past few days have went.

June 26th



We went over to John's house to celebrate his birthday with a cook out and tons of swimming in his pool. The girls had a blast. Miss Chastity has no FEAR at all she was jumping off the sides and wanting to swim in the deep in. She didn't want anyone to hold onto her. But once you'd let go she'd get water in her mouth but she didn't even mind that at all. Miss Alyssa on the other hand was a little more on taking it easy and hanging out by the stairs. But once it comes to the lake she'll go all the way out to where the water is almost to her head.

I nannied at the lake Friday night. So Chad had the girls so he took them out to dinner and a movie.

June 27th

We went up to my moms to celebrate her birthday with her. Then the girls stayed with her for a couple of hours and I went SHOPPING with Lisa. It was so nice to buy new clothes and not have the girls with me. Then I got the girls came home and had some friends over for a cook out, swimming, fishing, bonfire, snores (aka s'mores, and boat rides on the lake. The girls didn't get to bed till about 10:30 pm which is way late at our house. Chad and I made it bed about 3:00am.

June 28th

I made the family a wonderful breakfast. Of course the girls were up at 7:00am and ready to go. I was a little sleepy still but love to be woke up to my little girls. They both came into Chad's and I's room together and woke me up by blowing in my face, but it was sweet. About noon time we headed out to the lake so the girls could swim, it was really windy but it was still a great day to be by the lake. Had some friends down for more swimming, fishing, cook out, bonfire, snores, and boat rides. The girls didn't make to bed until 11:00pm. They were both so dirty and needed baths. Because they both were helping dig for worms. Alyssa was begging me to wait till the morning to give her a bath she was so tired. Chastity took a nap but Alyssa didn't. They both were asleep in no time. Chad and I made to bed about 2:00am a little earlier then yesterday.

I'm going to post in three's so here's highlight part 1.

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