Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Relay for Life

On June 13th we did Relay for Life in Rushville. My sister Kim got our team together, and it was in memory of Alison. We had a lot of fun and had a great turn out. We miss some of the family and friends that couldn't make it. But thanks again too those that made a donation in Alison's memory. We all plan on doing Relay every year in Ali's memory, so I hope that you all will want to be a part of it.
My sister Kim and niece Christine are a part of the Luminaries. So I spent a big part of my day helping with that. Which is something that was hard but also it felt so good being able to make the luminaries bags in someones memory. The girls also made their own bag for Auntie Ali. They both were so good, I was glad that it wasn't too hot of a day out because it really help. Once it was time to go home neither of them wanted to leave. I hope that in a few years we can camp out for the whole night. It feels wonderful that I have two little girls that love being a part of something that means so much too me. And in time will know the real meaning of why we do Relay for Life. I will add the pictures to my slide show.
On the way home we stop by Ali's grave. It was the first time I had been there since August. Her plot has been there for a couple of months now. I'm not really for sure why I waited so long to go? My sister Kim had a flower arrangement made and it's beautiful. I held myself together, part of the reason was the girls were both still awake and I didn't want to upset them. Alyssa is so smart about all of this and also very curious. She tells me that she can't wait to go to Heaven to see Auntie Ali. And then she'll ask "Mommy do you want to go to Heaven and see Ali?" And I tell her..... "yes I can't wait."


Kimberly said...

I am so proud of you all, carrying on Ali's legacy. I think she would be tickeled to see all that you are doing.
Wish I could have been there with the girls. We will have to go next though.
Thanks for sharing.

- Kimberly

Anonymous said...

It makes me really happy to know you're a part of Relay For Life. I started being involved 2 years ago. It's such a powerful experience. I hope you can stay all night next year... it's hard but so worth it. :)
Just curious, why do you do the Rushville one? Do you live down there?

Rene said...

That is were my sister Kim lives. Thats were my parents and all my other family is from. We lived down there until I was like 3 and moved up to Milford becasue my dad work at Dana. This is my 3rd year of being a part of it and I love it also.
I did see that you do a team in Goshen.