Monday, November 17, 2008

Amanda's birthday weekend

Jamie and Amanda. Saturday night
Amanda, Julie, and Mike.
Amanda, Megan, and Jess.
Steven and I.
The Cake.

Amanda and I Friday night
First shot of the night and the whole group except my dad hadn't got there yet.

Okay so we had a really busy weekend around here with Amanda's 21st birthday this weekend.
Friday- Was my niece Amanda's 21st Birthday!!! It was spent with the girls @ home with my mom and Chad and I going out to the bar to PARTY with Amanda and the family. You only turn 21 once and she made the best of it. She had about 9 or 10 shots plus 2 or 3 other drinks. There was a band @ the bar and they made it be all about her all night long. She made it until about 1am and then she was done. Jamie took her home and put her to bed. The rest of us stayed and hung out for a couple more hours. Got to bed about 4am and the girls were up @ 7:45am it was an early morning for Chad and I. Not a big deal we don't go out a lot so it was worth it.
Saturday- My brother Mike had a party for Amanda @ my brother Brian's shop, more for the family and the ones that couldn't go to the bar. We did a little pitch in dinner, keg, and beer pong. Amanda's uncle did DJ. Tom came too I didn't get any picture of him though. It was so nice to see him.It was a lot of fun and the girls had a blast with dancing and running around with all the other kids and of course eating cake. I took so many pictures so these are just a little bit of them.
Sunday-Alyssa also had a preschool program @ church but I'll wait to post that until I get the video from one of the other moms. My camera went dead and I didn't get all of it. we had a really busy weekend but it was a blast.


Kimberly said...

My birthday is in May! So you guys will be ready for me right? Man you guys can party. Looks fun! Happy birthday Amanda!

Thanks for Sharing Rene!


Heather Shertz said...

I found your blog through Alison's blog. I had followed it for a long time and have been reading all your blogs. I pray for you each day and I am glad to see you all got to have a fun weekend. I was just signing on to give a ha ha because we have the same blog template and I LOVE it. :) I also LOVE your onezies. GREAT JOB.

Brandi Dawn said...

Oh my goodness..When i read your gave me chills. I can totally see where she would've loved that song. I didn't see her much after high school but i could see where that song would be one she liked. :)