Friday, November 28, 2008


Chad and I
Alyssa and Na-Na
Chad and Rusty
Laramie and I

We had one of our Thanksgiving yesterday at our house with Chad's family. It was a blast, I love to have the house full of people. Chad's mom always goes all out and make so much food, which is great to have all those left overs for the next few days. We will be going to Heather's tomorrow to have the Morgan's side Thanksgiving.
This morning I was one of those Black Friday shoppers. I had my niece Laramie with me and I even took Chastity with us. We got up at 4:15am and were home by 7:30am. The lines weren't too bad had to wait for 25mintues. I got all the deals that I wanted expect for one but it's okay. It was only $4.00 savings.
Hope that you all had a great and safe Thanksgiving.

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Chantelle said...

I actually saw you this morning while out and about in the Black Friday craziness. I'm glad you got almost all of the deals that you were wanting and didn't think it was too horrible. You're better than I am. I thought it was a bit crazy - although I didn't have anything particular I was going for. Maybe I need to be doing that instead.