Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So the night before Christmas at our house it's all about traditions.
I make a really big dinner, which tonight was steaks, little cut up seasoned potatoes, noodles and biscuits. Then we make cookies for Santa. Which we made snicker doodles. Auntie Ali and Alyssa made them for the past two years for Santa on Christmas Eve. So in her memory we are going to make them every year.We also have to leave food for the reindeer also. last year it was the left over cinnamon and sugar from the cookies. But this year Alyssa made food for the reindeer at school. It's cereal with magic sprinkles in it. To help the reindeer fly. Then the last tradition we did is open one gift from Daddy and Mommy and it's always pajamas. It was something that my Mom and Dad always did for us growing up.

On to big news, I got a phone call from Kimberly today. The BRACELETS are here. It came at one of the best days. I was having a hard day today. Even though I enjoyed doing all those things it still was hard not to have or talk to Ali today. Having my girls has help me get through all of this. I have to get up and go because of them. I can't just sit around and cry or doing nothing on my hard days. I have to put my face on and get things done. They need me no matter what. So on these days when I want to cry, I put that smile on and remember what I had with Ali and what my little girls got to have with her.At times it might be fake but I have to be the best that I can be for my girls.
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