Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Here's a few pictures from Christmas on Saturday at my brother Brian's. We always have a blast when we all get together. It will be the last time that we see Christopher before he leaves for Afghanistan. So later on into the night Chad, Mike, Amanda, Steven, Chris and I went out to Winges Etc. to watch the UFC fights. It was nice to be with all the family but also hard not to have Alison and Tom there . Tom had gave Micheal, Heather's husband a gift from Alison to give to us that she had bought for all three sister's. There were tears, joy, and excitement. She bought us Friendship ball and they are beautiful. I will take a picture and show it in my next post.
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Anonymous said...

You're too sweet! His initials are JWM. Still aren't telling the name, but I can tell you that! :)