Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby #2 and Update

My sister Heather is excepting her 2nd BABY in April. Yup that's right I'm going to be an Auntie again. I can't wait, theirs nothing like those sweet little newborn smells. Plus I love that I get to spoil them like she did to mine. So were going to have two new baby's in the same year!!!!!
My nephew Christopher found out that he has 3 torn ligament. So he now is in Maryland. Were he will be having surgery. And then not too for sure what come after that.He of course want to be with his boys and fighting this war.
But I'll keep everyone up to date.


Kimberly said...

What a blessing. Ali must have ushered that sweet little spirit down for you all to love. With all the sadness it is finally nice to see this rainbow.
You have much to be thankful for even your nephew. Although he is in pain and wants to be with his fellow Marines (they are so loyal) there is a reason he is going through this. I am sure whatever it is the plan God has set forth for him is far better than he could imagine. Not too mention, I am sure you guys are relieved he is home. I always use to tease Craig and say that I would break his leg before he had to leave for war. I never did it but the thought of self preservtion was there. More like a deserperate actions. I never did it but the thought was there.

Take care sweety. Hope you are well. Tell Heather and her hubby we said congrats. They deserve this little angel.


Anonymous said...

Congrats auntie!! :) TWO new babies? Are you prego too?

Rene said...

No, I'm not but my nieces Amanda is so I'll also be a great Auntie for the first time. I was an Aunt at age 6.