Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Chastity's in Preschool

Chastity w/ Mrs. Haab
Chastity w/ Mrs. Walker
Chastity and Mr. Scarecrow.
Chastity @ Orientation.
Chastity outside of school.
Chastity and Mommy.
Last Thursday Chastity had her first hour of preschool. They do a little orientation to make it easier for the kids. She of course had no problem with it. She LOVED it and couldn't wait to go back.
So today is her first full day of class. She pick out her own outfit got her pack-pack around and was already to go. I even had to ask for a hug when I left this morning.
Chad and I our hopping that preschool will help with her stubbornness. She is very independent and we know in the long run it pay off but at times it can be difficult.
We no longer have a baby we have a BIG girl. We have loved watching her grow into a little lady.
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Anonymous said...

Awe She's adorable and that's exciting! My little sister went to preschool there too :)