Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alyssa's first day of Pre-K

It's hard to believe that Alyssa is already in Pre-K. She is so excited to go back and get to see all her friends and I hope make new ones. There are about 7 more kids in her class this year then last year.
She also pick out her own outfit and got herself ready. We sure do have two very independent girls.
Alyssa's hair is almost ready to get cut off and donate too some little boy or girl (she'll tell you that). My hopes was it would be long enough before school but to make a full wig it has to be 10 ins. I'm ready for her hair to be short, she's not a big fan of having it up or having anything in it. I think it's because she never really had any hair to do anything with until she was about 2 and half. So I know she'll love it too.


Anonymous said...

Donating her hair is such a great thing to do! Make sure to get a pic of her before and after! Maybe I can sneak you into the paper :)

Anonymous said...

Nope I don't know him. Which department is he?
Either way, yes you should get it in one way or the other :) That's awesome!