Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping In/ New Room

The girls did a little camping in this weekend. We got new carpet put in there room Friday evening. So I came up with the idea they could camp out (IN) the living room. The first thing Chastity said was " Can we have a fire?" And then Alyssa said "Ya and make snores." They had a blast, thought it was so cool to be inside sleeping in their tent.
Chad and I asked them if they wanted us to put their beds up on Saturday and they both ask to sleep in their tent again. So we let them but put it in their room.
I added a picture of their new room walls paint pink and new soft carpet. That's what Alyssa says " new soft carpet, I just love it." They also pick the color for their walls. Once I got it painted Chad came in and said "holy cow it's pink." Now that we have the carpet it helps tone it down some.

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Anonymous said...

Yea... holy cow that's pink! haha so cute! I bet they'll remember camping in forever! :)

Hope your week goes well!