Tuesday, June 08, 2010

4th birthday

Chastity turned 4 on Sunday!!! We just hang around the house. Chads mom came down with all the kids for cake and ice cream. With all that was going on we decided not to do a big party this year. Next Sunday we are going to do something little with family.
It was her day so we did whatever she wanted to do.
Made her favorite eggs with bacon this kids is a egg freak. Took a walk with Skamp. Rode bikes. Rode in her new wagon. Ate pizza. Watch movies. And hung out by the lake. She asked me, mom since I get to pick everything we do today, can I decide when I get to go to bed. I told her nope your not that old yet. She thought that was funny. I think that she is 4 going on 14 already.
I love you Chastity


Anonymous said...

Ha that's cute!
And btw, I love the Lady A song "I Was Here" that you have on your music player. That's one of my favorites and it's by my favorite band (yay!) haha

Rene said...

I also love that song. I'm always looking for new music. And I found that one and now I listen to it all the time.