Monday, June 21, 2010


Some of you know that I have been going through a lot of things.
This all started back in February 2009 and is still going on. My family doctor referred me to a neurologist in Goshen. At first the doctor I saw thought it was Transverse Myelitis so we tried some medicine and it didn't work. You can go back to my March 25th post and it tells you about it. At the time I was just having some numbness and tingling in my back. Also all my blood work came back fine.
As time went on it never went away. So I was going to have an MRI done and also a Spinal Tab. Well my insurance denied the MRI so neither happened. So my doctor referred my to another neurologist in Ft Wayne. The only thing was I had to wait 3 months to get to see him. This take us to September 2009.
I went to see him and he did another exam and said that I had balance and mooter issues. Which I new I had. Plus was still having the numbness and tingling in my back plus in my feet. And also was having a lot of pain in my lower back and a lot of fatigue. To the point were I could sleep 10 plus hours and still be tried and also taking naps. I also started having weakness in my legs and arms. And tremors in my hands and feet. By this point I was getting very scared. So we did and MRI and it came back fine. They were checking for lesions, thinking that I had Multiple Sclerosis. But no lesions then no MS. So were are thinking early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Which really means nothing, there no treatment unless there's lesions and can't diagnosed me with anything either. In the fact of MS
So the doctor in Ft Wayne really was no help I felt the nurse was more my doctor then the doctor himself. So my family doctor referred me again to IU Hospital in Indy. Which I had to wait 6 months to get into. So in the mean time I was just going to my family doctor.
On Friday I had my appointment with Dr.Matthew's at IU. Chad and I went to down to my sister's on Thursday. cause my appointment was at 8am. Did the normal exam with something the other doctors didn't do. Talk a lot, look at all my paper work. Told him about all my symptoms. In which I'm still have all the things I said before plus I've had numbness on my lips and tongue. At times my head fills full, almost like I'm high on something when I'm not. I've been dealing with some short term memory loss. Which is the worst of it.
Dr. Matthews diagnosed me with TM, which is what Dr Neer said I had in 2009. But we are still on the path thinking it early MS.
I'm going to try another medicine called Baclofen too see if it will help with the symptoms. For the pain I'm on vicodine 10-500 and for now it's helping. I have good days and bad days. At times I feel great other days I don't. Or i just act like I feel fine when really I don't. I put my game face on and go on with my day.
There is a chance this will never go away and it could never turn into MS. Only time will tell, I have a hard time with all this at times. But I also know things could be worse.
I will keep you all up to date. Thanks

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Kimberly said...

Well you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. That goes without saying. And I don't want to water this down by saying this but what you need to do is cling to now more than ever is your faith. Have faith their is a reason. A reason far beyond anything you could imagine. Know that God's plan is always better than yours and that if you give it over to him entirely he will give you peace. I will be specific in prayer and have faith that God will heal you. But don't forget to praise him. Try and find all the silver linings and goodness that lies at your feet. It is all around you. Even through this turmoil you are so very blessed.Love you girl.