Saturday, June 12, 2010

FUN in the SUN.

That's what we've been up too the past few day which will turn into months.That's what we do in the SUMMER. Enjoying the warm water and the Great weather. With family and great friends. It's been so nice to just let the kids hang in the lake while having a little Mommy time with Kayla and Katy.
And then having Na-Na with the green car and nieces and nephew down. It's been nice having Na-Na around more now that she isn't working. Getting to spend more time with her and having her around a lot.
And a few bod fire with snores..... that's the girls favorite things to eat once we have a fire. We have a pretty large stock pile.
Alyssa and Chastity brought me breakfast in bed for the first time. All by themselves. I was so surprised, it was lucky charms with a ton of milk and big glass of juice. They didn't spill any of it also. They both were very proud. I also was proud and surprised that they thought of me.

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