Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I'm happy to report that Chastity is in a BIG girl bed now. She has been asking for awhile but then when we'd ask her if she was going to get out she always said yes. So on Friday she took a nap in Alyssa bed and didn't get up. Chad and I told her if she didn't get up then she could have a BIG girl bed. So Friday evening we change her bed into a BIG girl bed. And I happy to say she hasn't got up once. She LOVES it so much. On Saturday night Alyssa feel asleep watching TV with Daddy so I put her to bed and then Chas said that she wanted to go to bed also. I figured she would go in there and just play but nope, I check on her 20 minutes later and she was out. These are the pictures from Saturday night. It's funny because they have to sleep with so many things. Blankets, animals, and babies.

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