Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My cute girls

I just wanted to show how cute the girls are getting. Chas hair is getting so long that she can wear it in a pony tail now. She looks it cause she gets to be like "Lissa". Alyssa's hair will be able to be cute soon and donate to locks of love. I haven't decided if I want to cut it or wait and cut it when my hair is ready.
The weather has been wonderful, we have played outside everyday, since Saturday. The girls have had a blast.
Chad's mom came down and got the girls yesterday. She took them to a movie and to Chuck E Cheese. This was Chastity first theater movie, but she did very well. They went to the dollar theater in Mishawaka. They saw Madagascar 2. Chad's mom said she was laughing the whole time. And at Chuck E Cheese Alyssa won a ton of tickets but she didn't wouldn't give them up for a toy she kept them. As soon as she got home she put them in her purse to save.
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