Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good bye Paisley

I'm sad to tell you all the Paisley is no longer with use. Ever since we got her in August after Ali past away she has been coming outside with us. Then it got to the point where she would go to the door (like a dog) and meow because she wanted to be out. And then she would come back to the door and meow to be let in. Since the weather has been nice she has been out a lot. There were a few times where she was out all night because I would call for her and she wouldn't come back. But when Chad would leave in the morning she'd be at the door waiting and he'd let her in. She never would go too far just to the neighbor's on either sides of our house.
Well Tuesday night she wanted out and when I went to call for her she wouldn't come in . So in the morning I figured she'd be waiting at the door hungry and ready to eat but no Paisley. By night time I was getting a little worried because we hadn't seen her all day. Did some looking around and still couldn't find her. By this point I'm thinking someone took her or she got hit. Of course the girls were worried but I told them she must be with the other cat that runs around in the neighborhood no big deal.
It turns out that my worst thought was true, she got hit. We didn't find her our neighbor Bill was going on his morning walk and found her. But the sad thing is on his way back from his walk she was gone. Not for sure if the person that hit her pick her up and buried her or what?
Chad and I talked about it and deiced it was best just to let the girls think she out running around being happy with the other cat. We all loved her so much and are very heart broken. I felt like it was my little bit of Ali, I never thought I'd be so attach to a cat but now that she is gone I miss her. She was a one of a kind cat. She could open any door with her paws, could jump higher then any cat I knew, and was very loving.
Good bye Paisley thank you for coming into our life's we miss you very much.

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Anonymous said...

That is so sad to hear... :( And she had such a cool name, btw.