Monday, July 06, 2009

Part 3

July 2nd
We got up and went to the Indy Zoo. Something that we have been doing for the past 3 summers when Chad is off for the week. We pick a zoo and go. So this year it was Indy. We have been to Ft. Wayne and Toledo. The weather was perfect it wasn't to hot and not to cold. We had a blast, the girls also have such a great time. Alyssa feed a Griffie twice because Chasity didn't want to do it, touch a snake and shark. We got to watch a elephant get a bath. And went to the dolphin show. Which was really neat, the under water dome is really COOL. They have a Walrus that is so tall he can touch the bottom on the tank and his head is out of the water. The girls really enjoyed watching the Walrus because one of them would come right up to the window that we were standing at and just love all over the window. The girls were laughing so hard at him. We made it through the zoo and look at everything in five hours, not to bad. Chastity was a sleep before we were even out of Indy. Alyssa took a little longer but they both slept the whole way home.

July 3rd
We all got up together and made a family breakfast. The girls love to help make pancakes, the favorite in the house are blueberry for Chastity and Alyssa likes strawberry. And of course there made with fresh fruit. Then I went to Wal-mart to get grocery's. It was a little crazy at the store, the aisles were pack with people. I was glad that I didn't have the girls with me. They stay home with Daddy and took a nap. We had some friends down too hang out by the lake, boat rides, dinner, snores and fishing. The girls both are having a lot of fun in the lake this year. And Chastity will touch worms and hold fish now. Alyssa doesn't care she'll touch anything.

July 4th
Happy Independence Day!!!!
The plan was to have a party at our house this year and then watch the fire works out on the lake. A bunch of neighbors get together on Waube Lake and put on a GREAT show. Which is what we did even though the weather wasn't too great we still had fun.
I nannied at Lake Wawasee for a couple of hours and took the kids to The boat Company. It was a lot of fun. If you've never been you got to go. There only open on Saturdays but have tons of fun things to do with the kids. They have face painting, craft, water park, and more. It work out great because I work when it was nap time for the girls so I didn't miss anything. The rain held off until about 4pm and then stop until about 6pm and rained for awhile but it wasn't a wash out. Plus we have a big tent set up so once it started to rain we all hung out under it. Our friends next door caught a snapping turtle and it was HUG I'm sure it weighed 15 to 20 pounds.I think besides the fireworks it was the highlight of the night. I know there out there but it's a little different when you see them that up close. It was too cold to go swimming but we did go on boat rides, bonfire, cook out and some fishing the normal routine that we did all week pretty much. The girls loved the fireworks but once they were over they were ready for bed. It was 11:30 before they got to bed which was the latest they stay up all week.
July 5th
The girls slept in til 9:00am. I was really happy when I rolled over and look at the clock. The weather was WONDERFUL. So we let the girls play outside. There was no swimming the lake was really dirty, I think it was from all the fireworks. After the show on Saturday you couldn't even see across the lake it was so smokey. But at least the sun was out and it was warm. We just took it easy, Chad goes back to work today. I can't believe how fast the week went. I guess that's what happens when your having fun. I'm pretty for sure that Chad could use a couple more days off. But he does what he has to do so that I get to stay home with our girls. Thanks honey I love you even more for that.

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