Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 3 at preschool, dancing, and football

Thursday was Alyssa 2nd full day of school. I thought that she was going to be fine, but I was wrong. I wanted to get some more picture's so Chastity and I took her. She was fine until I told her that it was time for us to leave. She didn't want me to go and she wouldn't let go of me. Finally I asked her if she wanted her Teddy bear that was out in the truck she said "yes". So I went and got that but she starting crying when I left. She was upset that she couldn't go out to the truck with me. I could hear her crying all the way up the stairs. When I came back and gave Mrs. Haab her bear she was still crying. I left with her crying which I was fine with it, she needs to go to school and be with other kids her age. She was fine when I pick her up from school. She stop crying soon after I left and had a great day at school. She came home with her first art work and a news letter with how they spent the week. We have talk and she said that she wants to go back and she wont cry anymore. Will see how Tuesday goes. Thanks again Kimberly and Family for the back-pack. We have got so many comments on it. I love it because it's so different from all the other kids. Chastity loves taking Alyssa to school and she doesn't want to leave. It's so funny because when we get in the truck to leave she always says " I miss Lissa". It hasn't even been five minute's your fine, and then she gives me the little sad look.
Last night we spent the evening with Katy, Micha, and Landen. Went to their house for dinner, beer, and football. It was nice getting out of the house and letting the kids all play together. As you can tell from the video that I have added of them dancing. There getting all the practice they can for the wedding. Katy and I talk and got more ideas for her wedding. Were trying to be crafty as we can be and have found it's hard with out having Alison. She was "our" Martha Stewart.

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Kimberly said...

What a big day! I can realate. I am o glad yu like the back-pack. I was thinking of tking the girls and getting their initials embroidered on their's but just have not found the time. I do hope that she falls in love with school and that you will find some time during those hours for yourself.

And don't worry about calling me. I have nothing important to say. Just take care of yourself and keep loving on those little girls. It sure sounds like they are bringing an imense amount of joy to your life. What a blessing!

Love- Kimberly