Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Field trip

Alyssa had her first field trip with school yesterday. It was also with the Pre-K class so there were about 30 kids plus parents. We all meet at school and did then headed to Albion to the Black Pine Animal Park. They don't have a bus so we all drove and car pooled over, there was a hug line of cars. It was a lot of fun, most of the animals have been in the circus or were as pets and were not being taken care of the right way. So they were donated to the park. You can get pretty close to the animals and you have a guide so she can answer any of your questions. Some of the animals we couldn't see because of the weather and they already had them inside. At the end of the tour we got to feed the Ostrich's, Dwarf Horse, Llamas, Goats, and others. This was one of Alyssa's favorite parts she went and feed them all three times. She even held her hand out and feed the Ostrich's, which was a pretty big one. I didn't even want to feed him but she was all about it. After the tour then we had lunch at the park with everyone, and then headed home. Alyssa had a great time and talk about it the whole way home. She couldn't wait till Chad got home to tell him all about it. This is a great place to go, look it up on the Internet and check it out.

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Kimberly said...

Too fun! Maybe someday if we ever get back to your stommping ground you can show us this place! Glad you guys had fun!

- Kimberly