Saturday, September 06, 2008

No more pull ups

Some of you know that we had both of our girls potty trained by 15 months. They wore pulls up nappy time, bed time, put wore panties during the day. And they still wet some but could go potty on the potty chair when awake. Alyssa became potty trained at bed time and nappy time by 2 1/2 years old. It was funny because when we first started training Alyssa she wanted Chad to do it not me. So when he would come home from work he would sit in the bathroom with her for hours. Once she got it down then I could help her. Chastity was also the same way. I think that they just wanted their one on one time with him and that's how they got it. I also think that it helped since I was a stay at home mom. Chastity for the past few days had been taking her pull up off at nappy time and bed time and putting her pants back on. So when I would go in and check on her I would have to put it back on. For the past two days and nights we haven't put a pull up on her. And she has woke up DRY!!!!! We have no more babies, we have two big girls. I'm so proud of her, I guess all the hard work of getting them sitting on the potty chair by 12 months really paid off.

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Kimberly said...

Woohoo! Now that is something to celebrate not only for the convenience factor but also for your pocket book!