Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The doctors came up with a plan for Alison. She will be doing radiation for three weeks on her skull. She can't do radiation and chemo at the same time it would just be too much. With her plates low and there is risk of bleeding from her tumor on her skull. Her pain is still there and it's more nerve pain, there are options but they haven't talk about those yet. The doctors have now diagnosed her, she still has Neuroendocrine but now they think that it's Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. I will be doing some work today and trying to find all the information on this that I can. She'll have her first radiation treatment today. I know that last time she did radiation it made her pretty tired and very sick. She is in very good spirits and staying strong. When I spoke to her yesterday she wanted me to thank everyone for all the support, thoughts, and prayers.


Kelly said...

Hi Rene,
I came across your blog from Alison's, my name is Kelly and she was my big sis at AGD. I wanted you to know that all of AGD is pulling together and we have sent out a mass email for a prayer vigil on Sunday. We are taking 'slots' and Alison will have prayers coming her way Sunday around the clock. We hope it helps her feel peaceful and loved and we are all remaining positive and love Alison very much. Also, if there is anything we can do/send to help please let me know. My email is
Thank you so much and our prayers are with Alison, Tom, and your family.
God Bless!
Love Kelly Charbonneau

kblum said...

I love that we can go to your blog now as well as Tom's to get an update. I am definitly coming to see Alison on Sunday and am looking forward to seeing her. Please send her my love!

Katie Blum