Saturday, July 19, 2008

In a lot of pain

I got to sleep with Alison again Thursday night it was great. We had some more really good talks. Heather and Elliot stayed the night which was so nice to get to spend time with them too. I got to feed Elliot a bottle for the first time. I love to watch Alyssa and Chastity play with her.
On Friday we got up and had pancakes, Alyssa's favorite. Alison wasn't feeling that well she was in a lot of pain. I cleaned the house and Mom did some launder for Alison. We had a lunch with Heather and Elliot. I took Alyssa to the pool again for a couple of hours. Chastity wasn't very happy that she couldn't go but her foot and head are healing fine. I help Alison take and shower and get dress she is using her walker to help her get around. We had decide to head home once Tom got in, he has been in Washington D.C. for the past two weeks. I don't enjoy once it comes time to leave it's really hard on all of us but I wanted to give Alison and Tom time together. She also had another really bad head ache. Which is really hard for the girls to be quite all the time. They did a great job but there were times when they got a little out of control. Alyssa and Chastity slept the whole way home. I knew that they needed it, we didn't get in until around 11:30pm so a couple of hours past their bed time. But once we got home they went right back to bed.
So today the girls did sleep in until about 8:30am, which is sleeping in for Alyssa. We got around and went out for breakfast. We were all happy to see Chad and even Solider miss us.
Then I got a phone call from Alison, she is in a lot of pain and can't even walk anymore. The pain medicines just aren't helping the pain. So her and Tom decide to go to the ER. I haven't talk to her in awhile but I have talk to my Mom and they are going to admit her. My Mom and Dad are down there for a few days. Once I hear anything new I will let you all know more.

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Me Maw said...

I am just an ordinary blogger out here in blogger land and I have been praying for your sister and brother in law for some time now.

May the Lord give you and your family great strength and courage during these trying days

Blessings of Peace & all that is Good,