Thursday, July 17, 2008


The girls and I arrived at Alison’s yesterday at 6pm I decide to let them take their naps. I knew that it would be a late night and it was I didn’t get them into bed at normal time. Which is normal when were at Auntie Ali’s. The car ride went well they were both very good and I made the trip in 2 hours and 15 minutes not to bad. When we got here Alison was taking a nap so we woke her up and let her know that we were here and then we let her sleep for a couple of hours. We just hang around the house for the night and talk about a lot of things. Since my mom is also here I got to sleep with Alison and Chastity slept in the pack in play in Alison room while Alyssa slept with Na-Na (my mom). It was so nice it made me feel like we were little kids again. Except for the fact that I didn’t have to yell at her for breathing too loud. I used to get so made when we were little and we had to share a room that she was breathing to loud. I would always tell mom “make her stop breathing” which never happened.Today we have been hanging out watching TV with the girls playing outside and taking some funny pictures of the girls. They always seem to put a smile on Ali’s face. After nap I will be taking Alyssa to the pool that they have in Alison’s neighborhood for a couple of hours. Poor Chastity can’t go because of her foot but she’ll be fine because Heather and Elliot will be here by then.
So onto another note Alison got the call today about her biopsy results. The lump that she has by her port is Cancer. I stare at the word on here and I get tears in my eyes. It was a lot harder this time because I have never been face to face with her when she has told me news. I handle myself well until I went and called Chad to tell him the news then I lost it. I’m still staying strong and I have the faith that we can beat this, I just hate seeing her in all this pain. No person should have to go through all this pain. We are still waiting to hear from the doctor on what the next step will be. Alison wants to wait for Tom to go to the doctor with her so that's what she will do. He will be home on Friday so it won't be until Monday. I hope that they come up with a treatment plan...... NOW!!

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Andrea said...

Oh my gosh, I remember sleeping in the bunk beds at the house on 15 and you telling me about her breathing. Oh the memories! We'll say a big fat prayer for you guys tonight. (as you would have put it back in the day) -Andrea aka Anerda