Thursday, July 24, 2008

Missing Ali

Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know that Alison is doing well after her first radiation. She has another treatment today. I spoke to her for a few minutes this morning and she sounded like her normal self just a little tired. If you check out Tom's blog then you can see a picture of her mask that she has to wear during radiation. She was telling the truth when she said it looked like Micheal Meyers. They are also giving her Atavan, which my mom said that is really knocked her out after her first treatment.
My dad and mom got back late last night from being with Alison. My dad has already left again today to go back down. While mom has somethings to take care of here. She will be heading back down with the girls and I on Sunday. It has been really hard for me to deal with not being able to be by Alison's side when I want too be. With having the girls being so young it's hard for them to be out of their environment. There not used to being quiet all the time or just not being on their normal schedule. For you that have kids you know when something is different then it's harder at times. The girls love being at Auntie Ali and Tom Thumb's house. But there are times when I wish that I could just have a babysitter so I could go and spend the day with Alison. Chad and I have always left the girls with either my mom or his mom. Which my mom is out of the question and he's mom only has Monday and Tuesday off work so it makes it a little harder. But I will say that having the girls help me get through my bad days. You can't be in a bad mood when they are near, Alyssa always seems to know when I need a kiss or a hug. And Chastity knows when I just need a little more loving. Without them I think that I would be lost, life is hard but we always find away to get through it.


Stephanie said...

You have always been so strong and you and your family have got through some hard times, nothing quite like this, but you guys will make it through and everything will be fine!

Kimberly said...

I hear ya Rene! Our kids get us through. I can't wait to come up and meet you and the girls. I have two 5 year olds. Ali is always talkign about her wonderful neices. I would be there now but I live 3000 miles from any family and my hubby is deployed. So maybe when he gets back! Hang in there, I am praying for you as well!