Monday, July 21, 2008


So I spoke to Alison, they did an MRI to confirm the tumor behind her right ear and it is there. She went today for her first radiation and to get the markings made. They also had to make a mask for her to wear to cover her face. She said that it was a little scary and she was nervous all at once when they were making it. She said that it looks like Micheal Myers mask. The pain is not there, she is on a very high dose but for the first time in a long time she is pain free. I'm so glad for that I hate to see her in pain. I have been in a lot of pain but nothing like she is going through. I find myself these days not even complain about pain because my pain isn't even pain compared to her pain. I know that God gives use test in life but how many test can he give one person? My mom always said that Alison was and is so bull head and she is right. Not that any person should have or get cancer but he gave it to a very strong willed bullhead women. I love you and Tom with all my heart.

We will beat this.
I put a picture of Alison and our Grandma

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