Monday, October 06, 2008

Alyssa and Abby's birthday party

On Saturday we had Alyssa's 4Th birthday and Abby's 10Th birthday party. This year we did them together and it was a lot easier. We also did a pizza party instead of cooking out which also was an easy clean up. The weather was nice still a little cold to be outside with the wind coming off the lake. We had planed on doing a bone fire but it was too clod for that I think it got down to 38 degrees that night. So we played some PlayStation 3 and some Wii. I had never played Wii before and it was a blast I really kick butt on blowing. I think that our family is going to have to get one of those. As you can see from the pictures Tom came!!!!!! It made Alyssa and Abby's day to be able to see him. All they both wanted to do was be right up on his lap. It was great for the whole family to be together.
Some of you might now know because you read Tom's blog but he was in an accident on Saturday night. It happened about 15miles after he left our house from the party. He was on Colin's (Tom's sisters husband) motorcycle and a deer ran out in front of him. He flew off and the bike was found about 50 yards from were he was. He is okay after being at the hospital for hours and doing x-rays and an MRI. I'm so glad that no mater what he always wares a helmet and he's spacesuit (that's what he calls it.) I know that he has an angel watching over him.
Thnaks again for everyone coming out, can't wait to have my birthday party.
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Brandi Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo collages you do! They are soo neat! Looks like the party went great! Your girls are soo cute. I am sooo glad that Tom was able to make it, sounds like the girls just adore him.
I did see Tom's blog and read about his accident. Glad to hear he is going to be ok. I am positive that he had his beautiful Angel with him and kept him safe. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rene for posting about Tom I will read his blog next. We know what angel was watching over him!It was so good to see your Mom last week, please kick her butt for me, no one could get her to eat! I know she is suffering so much but she has to take care of her self. I feel so sorry when I read your postings, I can feel your love and longing for Alison. Take care of each other! xoxo Aunt dhluBetty

Kimberly said...

That is a whole lot a cuteness. Too much for one person too handle. Love the pics.

- Kimberly

Shannon said...

Hey, are you the one that was asking what MOTTTS is? Well if you are, it called Mothers of Tots to Teens. It meets at Wakarusa Missionary Church every thursday at 9am. It's free, too :) You should come check it out!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you all gad a great time! Sorry I didnt make it. Ill tell you about it when I talk to you though! Hope Alyssa had fun!! Glad Tom was able to make it too!!