Friday, October 03, 2008

Christopher is home

The family has spent the last two nights with Christopher my nephew who is home from Iraq. He is station in Hawaii and has finally got to come back to Indiana for two weeks. It has been great to see him and see how much he has change in these past 10 months. Thursday night I made a big pot roast and had Brian, Kim, Christopher, Dad, and Mike over for dinner. Hung out for a couple of hours, talk, and had a few drinks. Then tonight we went over to Brian and Kim's and had cook-out with Mike, Dad, Chris, Amanda and my family. I love being around the family, it really helps with all that is going on with the pain. I'm so glad that Dad and Mom help us and made us be such a close family. In my eyes no matter what family is always number one you can have all the friends in the world but my family will always be there first and for most. The girls fell in love with Christopher, and he played with them so well I know that he will make a great Daddy......someday. I can still remember babysitting him and his brother Steven (who couldn't come up because he had to work) with Heather and Alison. We were all so close at a young age and that's why we still are so close. Hopefully Christopher will be able to be home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. It all depends on his orders it's one or the other and the cost of an airplane ticket. It wasn't too cheap for him to fly home this time. He will be leaving again in April to go to Afghanistan not for sure how long this time. We just all hope and pray that he will come home safe. My little girls know that he is a Marine and that he's job is to keep us safe and to protect us. When we first talk to Alyssa about it months ago she said "ya, just like solider protects us" (our dog). This is one thing that my little girls will get is that there are people who fight and give their life everyday so that we can be what and who we are today,tomorrow, and forever.
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Kimberly said...

Amen girl! I am so glad he got to come home. I am sure it was a little bittersweet. Hopefully more sweet. It sure sounds like it. We will keep him in our prayers and hopefully you all will be together during the holdays. Take care!

- Kimberly