Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

So today is my 26th birthday. I'm not really doing to much. I have received most of my gifts already. I got some Notre Dame gear from Chad and the girls, Alyssa sang Happy Birthday to me (that I had to add) tee and jeans from my sister Heather, the famous card from my grandma with $10.00 in it, and my sister Kim got me 3 big pots of mums. There of course is one person that I won't get a card or gift from this year, ALISON. It's not the gift that I really want it's just the phone call and her card I'm missing very much. I really miss hearing her voice telling that me she loves me. I got in my box and got the card out that she gave me last year and of course I cried. At first I couldn't find it but I was finding all the other cards that she has gave me over the years. I was afraid that I hadn't kept it but I found it, there was relief. There were so many cards in there from her to Chad, Alyssa, Chastity, and I. I'm so glad that I saved all our cards from ALISON and from everyone else.
Chad is going to make me my favorite dinner Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, and slice bread I can't wait. The girls are going to my brother and sister in laws for a couple of hours tonight.
Next Tuesday were going to have a birthday party for Alyssa, Olivia, and I with Chad's side of the family. Hope you enjoy the singing!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I know it's hard without Ali, but I am sure she was the first one to wish a happy birthday too you as we were all asleep. She is celebrating with you!

Have a wonderful...relaxing day!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday! May your moments of happness me bountiful and may all your birthday wishes come true. You know my heart breaks for you that Ali is not there. Someday when we are all with her we will laugh at all this. But for now hold your hubby close get some alone time and enjoy those precious moments getting doted on. You deserve it!


Stephanie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!I love the family pictures!! They are so good!!

Addi said...

Happy Birthday!!

The video is too cute! You are so loved!