Friday, October 03, 2008

Birthday party @ School

Yesterday Alyssa had her birthday party at school. The whole family made white cupcakes with orange, brown, and lime green frosting. She has became a really good cook, and she loves to wear her "ship outfit." Chastity and I got to school and celebrate in the party. it was nice to see the way Alyssa acts and how well she listens to her teacher's. They made a crown for her, she got to pick a gift out of a box, and she got to decide what they did for playtime. She pick a little yellow bear and played outside. It was so cute because Chastity was a part of the class, she lined up with them in line and got to sit at the table with Alyssa and all the other kids. I can't wait for Chastity to be in school next year.
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Kimberly said...

Omy my goodness! How fun! Alyssa and Chas are goign to give you a run for your money when the boys start calling. They definitely come from good stock!

I am so happy the little princess got some time to shine. She needed it and I am sure you reveled in it as much as her. Happy Birthday little angel! Many happy, healthy, and whimsical ones in the future and may all your birthday wishes come true.
- Kimberly, Madi & Kenzie