Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katy and Micah's wedding

Yesterday was Katy and Micah's wedding, it's was beautiful. Chad and I had a really good time with everyone. For the ones that stayed later we all got shots for being the late night partier's. Lets just say I had a few drinks. The picture of Katy and I dancing together is a song that we had played in memory of Alison. Some of you might remember it I had it on my blog, Brandy: "I'll be missing you". Katy and I both cried and laugh it was hard without Alison there but I know that she was watching over all of us. Before dinner was served there was prayer and also a moment of silences for Alison. I of course was caught off guard and began to cry. Chad was wonderful at getting me calmed down. All the girls in the wedding party had A's on there bouquet's. The picture of the bag had candy in it, it was an idea that Alison had and was going to make. So Katy deiced to still make them herself ad with the help of Micah. Along with all the center pieces and card box that (I forgot to get a picture of) but Katy and I work our butts off on it. It was great to be able to help and be apart of this big day with Katy, Micah, and family.
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Kimberly said...

It was beautiful. You all did a wonderful job and the bride looked gorgoeus and timeless. WOW! I can see all the little details. A ton of work went into it. Very classy!

I am sure it was hard for both you and Katy. I am so sad she had to have her wedding without Ali in it. I am sure Ali was there though and giggled when she saw the mongrams and stamps incorporated into the bags. I am happy you went and you were able to enjoy the happiness in the moment. Yes, there were hard parts, but I am sure you could hear Ali in your head telling you to, "stop it" and cut loose because you know Ali would have been thwoing back and dancing if she could have been there.What a day! Thanks for sharing!